The Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center


UPDATE: Tuesday, November 18:

Thank you all for your grassroots work to help the North Shore Birth Center! The Board has postponed the vote, as we requested. What a wonderful success!

We are now evaluating how to move forward. We’ll have an open meeting to discuss possible courses of action, then update everyone the blog with that information.

In the meantime, share your ideas with us! SaveTheNorthShoreBirthCenter AT gmail DOT com.

Original post from November 10, 2008:

We had a great strategic planning meeting at Crunchy Granola Baby on Sunday, November 8. Based on that meeting and some counsel we have received, we present to you, in no particular order…


1. WRITE A LETTER! In this cause, your letter can REALLY make a difference. Write a letter to the Board of Trustees in support of the North Shore Birth Center. Explain that although birth center births a don’t fit with the unified model of health care, you believe women should have a range of options to select from. These options should reflect women’s needs and interests–not corporate policies. Click here for details. *** Ask Husbands/Partners to write their letters too! We need more letters from men!***

2. COME TO OUR RALLY! 6:30 a.m., November 18, in front of the North Shore Birth Center. Please arrive no later than 6:30 a.m., allowing yourself enough time to park on side streets and walk over. Board members meet at 7 a.m. and we want them to see our HUGE crowd as they arrive! Babies & children welcome!!!

3. COME PICKET WITH US! Small groups of people will be picketing (peacefully) daily outside the Birth Center leading up to the big rally. We’ll be there Tuesday, November 11 through Monday, November 17, in the morning, 6:30 -9 am, at lunchtime, 11am-1pm, and some afternoons (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 2:30 – 3:45pm & more volunteers are needed for these shifts to catch the shift change at the hospital). Sign up by emailing Christa Terry at christadterryATgmailDOTcom or calling her at 978-922-4970 to sign up for a shift, or for more details! Or just show up! Bring your signs! Ideas for slogans here. Take picketing pictures & send them to us! Invite the media!

4. HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! We need to connect with as many birth center families and other concerned citizens as possible.

–Word of Mouth & E-mail–

Please spread the word to everyone you know! Contact your childbirth class instructor, tell the other moms at your playgroups or preschools, talk to your kids’ teachers, get a notice in your church bulletin–anyplace you can think of. Sent and e-mail blast to all your contacts with a link to this blog & our Facebook page. Post the info to any appropriate online group you participate on.

–Posting Flyers–

We have a half-page flyer that you can post on community bulletin boards & distribute throughout your town. Download PDF flyers that you can print yourself: Flyer with tabs OR Flyer without tabs

5. HELP MAKE POSTERS! We’re having two poster-making parties at Crunchy Granola Baby–one on Monday, November 10 at 11 a.m. and another at the same time on Sunday, November 16. Jennie of Crunchy Granola Baby will provide the supplies. You can also organize your own poster-making party in your community! Let us know, and we’ll hep you spread the word.

6. HELP US CONTACT THE PRESS! Know any reporters? Tell them about our cause. Even of you don’t, call your newspaper and any regional news TV programs that you watch or news radio programs you listen to. Many such places have a “tip line.” Tell them you’ve got a tip on an important story–about the North Shore Birth Center!

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Let them know how you feel. You could also mention that you are hoping to get the word out to other families who have used or were hoping to use the birth center. We are concerned that many families will be blindsided by this!

Have other ideas for working with the media on this? Shoot us an email at SaveTheNorthShoreBirthCenter AT gmail DOT com, and we’ll happily connect you with our team of volunteers who are focusing on media relations.

7. VOLUNTEER TO BE ON THE RALLY TEAM! We need a team of 4 or 5 people who are willing work together on coordination/planning for the Rally on 11/18! We need people who can attend a meeting Friday night (6pm-9pm) for strategizing & going over details, and who will have several hours to devote over the weekend to working on preparation for the Rally on 11/18. We need people who are willing to speak in front of crowds, are good at energizing people, and if you have experience with rallies & public demonstrations, that would be excellent too! Interested? Contact us at: SaveTheNorthShoreBirthCenterATgmailDOTcom

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The Globe:

The Herald:



WHDH Boston: 1-800-280-TIPS / /




Daily Item of Lynn:

Gloucester Daily Times: (Raymond Lamont) / (Jeff Pope) / 978-283-7000

Peabody & Lynnfield Weekly News: (Robert Curtin) / 978-532-5880

I just heard the news and am devastated. Is there a way to add a link to My facebook to involve others?

Thank you,

WBUR 90.9 radio station (NPR) covered the Tuesday morning rally at 10:05 am the same morning by summarizing the rally and its purpose, fyi. Thanks, Carrie.

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