The Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center

Your Letters Make a Difference!

Posted on: November 17, 2008

It’s been so wonderful to read all of the letters of support pouring into the local newspapers. As much as the campaign loves media coverage in the form of newspaper articles, the letters you’ve written really help to raise awareness in the larger community. After all, who doesn’t like reading the letters section of the paper?

Here are some highlights, all from recent editions of the Salem News.

From Robin E. Rubin, MSN, CPNP:

Our community is so lucky to have not only the exceptional midwives who practice at the North Shore Birth Center, but the facility itself.

The North Shore Birth Center is more than just an “alternative” building to deliver babies. It is truly an extended family of dedicated certified nurse midwives, support staff, and other like-minded parents. I truly believe that if the North Shore Birth Center is no longer allowed to birth babies, these mothers are not going to willingly go to Beverly Hospital to birth instead. They will choose home birth. I know I will.

From Eileen Tran:

Every woman chooses to deliver her baby differently and there is no “right” way that works for all. I hope that the Northeast Health Corporation will continue to give the women of the North Shore the option to deliver their babies in the best way for them.

Please continue to support births at the Birth Center as a safe option to the women of the North Shore.

From Jennifer Barrows Fox:

Without the North Shore Birth Center, many women may choose to labor at home and not have access to the clear thinking and quick action that the midwives used to get my son breathing quickly enough to avoid any long-term damage.

I ask the Beverly Hospital trustees to vote to allow the Birth Center to continue to offer labor and delivery at the center. It would be a shame for women to lose the North Shore Birth Center as an option.

2 Responses to "Your Letters Make a Difference!"

To the Board of Trustees,
Please vote to keep the NSBC open so women can have the option to deliver their babies there. 2 years a go I delivered a baby girl at the Birth Center and our family had a wonderful experience there. The reason I chose Beverly Hospital in the first place was because of the Birth Center, without it I would have picked a different Hospital or chosen to have a home birth. There is a huge difference between a hospital birth with a midwife and a birth at a birthing center with a midwife. My first two babies were born in a hospital and delivered by a midwife and my last child was born in the NSBC and delivered by a midwife and i can tell you first hand that a birth at a birth center is the best thing for a healthy mother and a baby. The NSBC needs to stay open so women have this wonderful place to go and deliver their babies. The birth center is also a way for Beverly Hospital to differentiate it self from other hospitals who do not offer this option to women
and families.
Shelley Ballantyne

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