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Even though this morning’s picketing shift was a little dicey — it rained, then stopped, then rained, then stopped, etc. — we did have four grownups and two little ones out there in the wet. We survived, the signs survived…but I’m not sorry that I suggested people stay home.

Just so you know, picketing is still happening, and we’re still getting plenty of positive attention from hospital staff and community members in the forms of honks, waves, smiles, and the occasional request for more info.

Here are two of the picketing pictures that recently appeared in the Danvers Herald and the Boston Globe:

Picketing to save the North Shore Birth Center

Picketing to save the North Shore Birth Center


A photog from the Globe came out to yesterday’s lunchtime picketing session, and the picture she took is in today’s Boston Globe along with an accompanying article written by Kay Lazar and Steven Rosenberg.

Here’s a highlight:

The controversy comes amid a larger debate in the medical and legal communities about maternity care and high medical malpractice insurance premiums paid by hospitals and doctors. Concern about malpractice lawsuits has prompted physicians nationwide to become hyper-cautious, and that has driven up the numbers nationwide of more controlled, caesarean section births.

But C-sections can expose women to serious complications, according to studies cited in a Nov. 11 letter to trustees and cosigned by Eugene Declercq, a professor at the Boston University School of Public Health.

“Defensive practices in obstetrics unfortunately have encouraged practices that evidence shows are harmful or provide no benefits,” stated the letter, which urged board members to keep the center open.

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