The Campaign to Save the North Shore Birth Center

The 11/12 Morning Picket May Be in the Next Bev. Citizen

Posted on: November 12, 2008

At this morning’s picket, just before security very politely asked us to move to Herrick Street at Beverly Hospital’s main entrance entrance, a reporter from the Beverly Citizen took the picketer’s photos and info. Hopefully we’ll see some smiling faces and birth-positive signs in the next issue.

Picketing makes for a great photo/film op, so get in touch with your local paper or news network (if you haven’t already) and let them know when you, a resident with an important opinion about the community, will be outside with a sign!

2 Responses to "The 11/12 Morning Picket May Be in the Next Bev. Citizen"

I thought I saw you getting interviewed as I was driving away. That’s exciting! I wish I had stayed a few more minutes for the photo op πŸ˜‰ How exciting you got asked to move- at least we’re getting noticed!

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